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Reds Baseball is Near

32 days and counting. 32 days until Great American Ball Park is buzzing with fans waiting for the first game of the season. It has been a very long off-season. Every day feels like an eternity. Making it a little easier has been the MLB Network #FaceOftheMLB contest. Joey Votto is currently in the lead in the final round and it has given Reds fans something to talk about for a little while.

I’m not big on judging our team based on spring training games so our 2-4 record (I think that’s where we are) doesn’t concern me. What does concern me is the lack of difficult fly balls and such for Choo in CF so far. We need to see what ability he has before the season starts so I beg the teams we face to change it up a little. Make him work and work hard. After all, it’s better to know now that he can or cannot successfully play CF. My hope is that he’s at least passable because I want Bruce in RF.

That being said, stop begging for Hamilton to start the year in the big leagues. Get serious. The kid hasn’t played even half a season at CF yet. If we want him as our future CFer, he needs way more practice. He also needs more plate discipline. Give it time. He could be great, if we don’t rush him.

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